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The first social wallet for certified tokens of verified authenticity.

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What is DVOLD?

DVOLD is the platform for companies to authenticate their products and provide unbreakable security for their clients purchases.

DVOLD creates a digital record of each purchase that cannot be copied, forged, or stolen using the ADA blockchain ledger that results in a certified token for the client.

The DVOLD app is a blockchain wallet that can store the certified tokens of the clients purchases, as well as any other token, in a visually appealing presentation that encourages further purchases through targeted advertising.

DVOLD applications

Say hello to organized digital solution that fits in your pocket.

Luxury Goods

The use of daily products

Certificates and Diplomas

Preventing counterfeiting




Second hand sales

Business to Business (B2B)

DVOLD provides a solid solution for Businesses, Artists and Institutions to provide a new way of security to the Products, Art and Diplomas that are often victim of counterfeiting.

DVOLD gives the consumers the power to verify the originality and authenticity.

DVOLD stands for digital vault!

Business to Consumer (B2C)

DVOLD Simplifies NFT certificate verification. Scan and request your NFT instantly, enhancing the value of your product, art or certificates from trusted businesses, artists, and institutions. Easy, secure, and efficient.

DVOLD is now available!

You can now download the DVOLD app for both Android and IOS.

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